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Finding Data: Data on Businesses - Middle East


  • Matching Grant Impact Evaluation 2015 (Yemen)
    Randomized experiment testing the impact of matching grants for business development services in the Republic of Yemen. The program provided firms with a matching grant of up to $10,000 as a 50 % subsidy towards the cost of business services like finance and accounting systems, website creation, training, marketing, participation in exhibitions, and some associated goods such as office and IT equipment. The program was intended to run in 2 annual rounds, aimed to provide grants for business development services to 400 enterprises, 200 in each of two years.

  • Promoting Competitiveness on Micro and Small Enterprises in the MENA Region
    Result a unique field survey performed on the micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey. Consists of information on households and enterprises gathered from 5,000 questionnaires that were filled by MSEs in the selected countries (3,000 only in the case of Lebanon). The surveys were performed between 2002 and 2004 in the 4 counties and were followed (except in the case of Lebanon) by follow-up surveys 1 year later to monitor the dynamics of the sector and highlight its progress. Access instructions are provided at the bottom of the website.

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