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DSS lab consultation schedule
Sep 1-Nov 2By appt. here
Nov 5-Dec 14Walk-in, 2-5 pm*
Dec 17-Feb 1Walk-in/appt. here
Feb 4-May 3Walk-in, 1-5 pm*
May 6-May 14Walk-in, 2-5 pm*
May 15-Aug 31By appt. here
For quick questions email
*No appts. necessary during walk-in hrs.
Note: the DSS lab is open as long as Firestone is open, no appointments necessary to use the lab computers for your own analysis.

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The following is a list of statistical consultants who can help you in downloading, formatting, reshaping, or analyzing data when you come to the DSS lab. If you have specific questions, you may send emails to

If you need assistance in identifying and locating data, contact a subject specialist.

Full time consultants

Oscar Torres-Reyna
Office:Firestone Library, A12.F1
  • Research methodology
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Political science/Politics
  • Public opinion
  • Public policy
  • Economics
Background:Bringing over twenty five years of work/research experience in public, private and academic sectors, Oscar has a BA in economics from the School of Economics/UNAM (Mexico) and a diploma in applied statistics from ITAM (Mexico). With a strong focus on quantitative analysis, he also has a masters in public administration, and an MPhil. and PhD in political science from Columbia University. Joined DSS May 2007.
Languages:Spanish, English

Graduate student consultants

Michael Kistner

Office:Firestone Library, DSS lab, A-12-G
  • Legislative Politics
  • State Politics
  • Campaign Finance
  • Applied Bayesian Statistics
  • R
  • Python
Background:Michael Kistner is a PhD candidate in the Politics Department and part of the Joint Degree Program in Social Policy here at Princeton. His research focuses on better understanding the linkages between money in politics, polarization of politicians, and power in legislatures, as well as developing improved econometric modeling tools for modeling latent district partisanship and interparty competition in the states. Prior to beginning his PhD, he obtained a BA in political science at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Don Noh

Office:Firestone Library, DSS lab, A-12-G
  • Finance
  • R
  • Stata
  • Matlab
Background:Don Noh is a PhD candidate in Economics Department at Princeton. His research interests are in asset pricing and the impact of passive investing in particular. He was at the University of Pennsylvania for his undergraduate degrees in finance and computer science before coming to Princeton
Languages:Korean, English

Shumiao Ouyang

Office:Firestone Library, DSS lab, A-12-G
  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset Pricing
  • Venture Capital
  • R
  • Stata
Background:Shumiao Ouyang is a graduate student in the Department of Economics at Princeton.Prior to PhD, he worked as a research fellow in finance at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He has a BS in life sciences and a BA in economics from Tsinghua University. He obtained an MA in finance from the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Shumiao is interested in empirical research related to corporate finance, macro-finance and innovation.
Languages:English, Chinese

In Young Park

Office:Firestone Library, DSS lab, A-12-G
  • Political Economy
  • International Relations
  • R
  • Stata
Background:In Young Park is a PhD candidate in the Politics Department at Princeton. In Young uses game-theoretic and econometric tools to model and test under what circumstances incomplete contracts are effectively enforced under uncertainty at individual, group, and nation-state levels. Prior to PhD, she obtained an MA in East Asian Regional Studies at Harvard on the Harvard-Yenching Fellowship, and received her BA in International Studies from Ewha Women's University, South Korea.
Languages:English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

Jose Maria Rodriguez Valadez

Office:Firestone Library, DSS lab, A-12-G
  • Comparative Politics
  • Redistributive Politics
  • Political Economy of Development
  • R
  • Stata
Background:Jose Maria is a PhD candidate in the Politics Department and part of the Joint Degree Program in Social Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School. His broad research covers topics on politics of redistribution, social policy and spatial inequalities. Prior to Princeton, Jose Maria obtained a BA in Economics from ITAM, in Mexico City.
Languages:English, Spanish
This page was last updated on April 5, 2010