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SAS Statistical Software

SAS Year 2000 Issues

The current realeases of SAS running on Arizona and Windows are Year 2000 compliant. However, it is important that you are aware of how SAS processes dates, particularly if your dates use 2-digit years. Use the YEARCUTOFF= Option in SAS. Currently, the YEARCUTOFF= option is set to 1900 on all systems.


The SAS System is an integrated statistical package that allows you to do statistical analyses--such as descriptive statistics, multivariate techniques and time series--using a consistent set of commands.

The SAS system consists of many components or modules and the following have been licensed for the UNIX operating system:

SAS Products

SAS BASE Product Basic statistical procedures and language
SAS/STAT Advanced statistical analysis procedures
SAS/GRAPH Procedures for producing maps and graphics
SAS/ETS Procedures for economic time series analysis
SAS/FSP Full screen data entry and reporting
SAS/OR Operations Research and Project Management
SAS/AF Applications Development Front End
SAS/IML Matrix Manipulation Language
SAS/QC Quality Control Analysis Procedures
SAS/ASSIST Interactive Code Generation Interface
SAS/CONNECT Communications Software
SAS/INSIGHT Interactive Data Viewing and Analysis

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